Break-Up Theory

Posted On April 30, 2007

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This afternoon I watched a documentary on the History Channel, “Titanic’s Final Moments: Missing Pieces”. That is how I learned of a very possible theory about how the Titanic broke apart during the final moments of the tragedy.

The theory is is that well before the previously-theorized breakup of the ship, the ship began to split apart, aft of the third funnel. Slowly, it began to come apart, eventually breaking in the double bottom. As the water poured in, the ship was broken right down to the keel, which acted as a hinge. The stern, rising higher and higher, put pressure onto the bow section, which would explain the mangled mess towards the back of the current bow section.

Also in the 2-hour documentary was found a mile long stretch of debris, leading up to the stern section. Containing mstly coal, this could mean Titanic went on  nearly a mile after the collision.

Two large pieces of the double bottom were found, approximately 300 yards apart. Marine artist Ken Marschall drew these pieces out to find that they fit together, like a jigsaw puzzle. The large crack (another theory!) is theorized to be where the ship broke apart.

Do you believe these theories? Did you watch the documentary? Talk about it.



Titanic’s Future

Posted On April 21, 2007

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Add this to your blog; it is what will happen to the TITANIC on the ocean floor in the future:
2005: In 2005, divers placed a plaque on the TITANIC from Harland and Wolff, the Belfast shipyard that built it. They were shocked at how quickly the ship was rusting and falling apart. In theory, because there is very little oxygen so deep in the ocean, there should be no rust. But bacteria are eating away the iron, sulfur, and phosphorus in it’s structures. Twenty 5-ton trucks could be filled each year with rusticles from the ship.

This is what the experts say what will happen:

2010: The great mast will collapse
2028: The decks and superstructure will collapse
2045: Only the hull will remain
2080: Just the U-shape of the hull will remain
2099: Fewer than 200 years after it set out from Southampton, the TITANIC will be a little more than a pile of iron ore on the seafloor.

Glad to help!
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I’m a teenager, and my dream is to visit Titanic before the ship is destroyed. Thanks for your information! -M

95 Years

Posted On April 14, 2007

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This evening will mark the 95th anniversary of the tragic sinking of Titanic. So, in honor of the 1,500 lives lost, I will be watching Titanic, the 1997 film, on my television. I will begin the movie at precisely 9.47 pm. Then, when the berg hits the ship in the film, it really happened exactly 95 years ago. Right down to the exact minute.

So, what are you all going to do to commemorate the lives lost in this tragedy?


Welcome to Titanic Heaven

Posted On April 11, 2007

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Welcome to Titanic Heaven. This blog is where you can chat with other people about Titanic. Either the ship or the movie. So, just chat away!

xomc 🙂