Break-Up Theory

Posted On April 30, 2007

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This afternoon I watched a documentary on the History Channel, “Titanic’s Final Moments: Missing Pieces”. That is how I learned of a very possible theory about how the Titanic broke apart during the final moments of the tragedy.

The theory is is that well before the previously-theorized breakup of the ship, the ship began to split apart, aft of the third funnel. Slowly, it began to come apart, eventually breaking in the double bottom. As the water poured in, the ship was broken right down to the keel, which acted as a hinge. The stern, rising higher and higher, put pressure onto the bow section, which would explain the mangled mess towards the back of the current bow section.

Also in the 2-hour documentary was found a mile long stretch of debris, leading up to the stern section. Containing mstly coal, this could mean Titanic went on  nearly a mile after the collision.

Two large pieces of the double bottom were found, approximately 300 yards apart. Marine artist Ken Marschall drew these pieces out to find that they fit together, like a jigsaw puzzle. The large crack (another theory!) is theorized to be where the ship broke apart.

Do you believe these theories? Did you watch the documentary? Talk about it.



3 Responses to “Break-Up Theory”

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  2. Justin

    The evidence at the bottom of the ocean seems to strongly support that the Titanic started breaking at the keel first instead of the upper decks. It seems to be the most logical theory thus far. Also, some witnesses of the accident didn’t remember seeing the ship break in two. This would imply that the Titanic broke at a much shallower angle than thought; most likely at less than a 20 degree angle.

  3. n

    This also explains the premture flooding in the engine rooms before the visible break up of the ship, as well as the well known power outage of before the final plunge and the visible break up.

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